Power your constituency to find fellow voters around you. Use these unique tools to assess and interact


Social Network of enlightened voters in your Constituency

Evaluate and Compare

Leaders, Parties, States
Lok Ummeedar

Lok Ummeedar

Collectively nominate a good candidate for elections
Next Term Expectations

Next Term Expectations

Debate their Manifestos
Which Political Party Suits Me

Which Political Party Suits Me?

Take the Quiz and find out
Déjà vu

Déjà vu

Connect over Shared Experiences

Opinion Poll

Lend your Voice to Change

Government Initiatives

Assess their Social, Political & Economic Consequences

Write a Petition

Get strength from your network


Powerful Checks and Balances for better Governance


Constituency-wise complaints through CallCenter, Mobile App and web


Nominate Leaders for Janpratinidhi of the year award

Questions for Legislature

Questions you want your representative to ask in legislature

Mobile App

To make a citizen Journalist out of you

Mobile App

To make your mobile a weapon for accountibilty

Mobile App

To evaluate, compare and rate your leaders


Where the real power resides and Leaders are born


Network of voters in every constituency


Showcase of all leaders of any constituency

Digital Newspapers

A digital Newspaper for every constituency

Election Calender

For dates, candidates & their Ratings

Who’s who

Digital Yellow pages for all businesses and people of constituency


An online presence to reach out to your Supporters and Vote Bank, here are must-have and unique features for effective Governance, Campaigns and Polity


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Call Centers

Connect with your voters through AMPLE - A Global first

Constituency Management

Nurture your constituency Digitally

Election Management

Manage your Election Digitally

Media Centre

Manage Media and Social Media Digitally

Constituencies And Leaders

Search Constituency; Network with Voters; Interact with Leaders; Read its Digital Newspaper;
Audit its Development Activities.

National Help Center
Helpline Number: 011-65120120

Online, Call-center & Mobile App based National Helpline to register constituency-wise complaints;
sensitize all stakeholders to people’s problem; promote accountability.

News - The Collective

The Collective of news & views from every Constituency, States and the Center.

Social Media

Votebook Updates

Find out what Votebookers are up to in their constituency based social network ‘Votebook’. Join them.