Swamy's Effort To Ask For Three Temples From Duryodhan


Swamy's Effort To Ask For Three Temples From Duryodhan

EDITOR'S PICK / From the pen of Jitendra Varma   /   Jan 17, 2016


Subramanian Swamy keeps repeating that he will accept Supreme Court decision on Ram Mandir. And that the SC will decide in its favour. He also says that all Muslims are equivocally saying that they will accept Supreme Court decision. Swamy also reiterates that SC will not take more than a month to dispose of this case.


My question is then why Swamy is on a whirlwind tour from one TV program to another, from one university to another, from one newspaper to another raising a debate which stokes all kind of emotions and reeks of a hidden agenda which defies logic.


Why the Duryodhan and Krishna analogy? Who is Duryodhan?  He is expecting which person to accept his offer on the behalf of 20 Crores Muslims and then rightfully claim that there will be no more communal riots after such an offer is accepted by a person or Muslim extremist group.


How Swamy can claim that he is talking on behalf of rest of the 80 Crores Indians when he says that he will settle for three temples. Will he guarantee that after these three temples are agreed upon there will be no fringe Hindu organisation which will ask for some other temples to be constructed and the Masjids to be razed? After all he is talking of 40000 temples which have been demolished by Muslims.


Swamy’s action can possibly have these motives.


1.        He is not sure that SC will decide in his favour. And wants to get this proposal agreed upon to preempt the legal justification which the Muslims will get after SC decision. He or his party is getting panicky


2.        He is not sure that SC would even decide this issue at all. And it may come back for Parliament to take the call.


3.        Bring Public Pressure on SC. Let it not be a purely legal matter but raise the emotional frenzy so much that it may not be possible to overlook when the crucial decision is taken. 


4.        If SC decides in favour of Ram Mandir then the issue would not bring any credible benefit to BJP, as it will be SC which will get the credit in eyes of the common man. Then every political party would climb the Ram Mandir Band Wagon. So build a public opinion for party ownership of the win.


5.        If SC does not decide in its favour then to the credit for giving a great fight for the Mandir and Its attempt to settle out of court would come to the Party.   


6.        In one stroke raise conflict of three temples and make the whole issue much wider.If the un-named Muslim accepts it, a master stroke for BJP.  And if it doesn’t then Public will wake up to the call for three temples instead of one. The nature of Swamy’s proposal carries it beyond SC decision. SC decides on Ram Mandir but the issue will still remain alive. Let it not settle down with Ram Mandir decision alone. A future full of possibilities.


7.        Elections and emotive issues go hand in hand. Swamy proposal may not stoke a communal riot but his act sure is raising the Hindu emotions in the election of crucial UP. So Swamy’s pitch becomes indirect outreach program on a different level much ahead of the election to give it a head start. It is one flank of the BJP election battle which is being spearheaded by Ram Mandir albeit with an olive branch.


8.        This gives an opportunity for great PR and Advertising campaign where major BJP Muslim leaders join in public appeals asking Muslims to accept Swamy’s proposal. There can be ad campaigns and public relation exercise like school campaigns for requesting Muslims to be our brothers and show a gesture of goodwill by accepting the proposal. The build-up will carry on till the UP elections or till the SC decision.


9.        Once again Muslims are key to Uttar Pradesh elections like they were in Bihar. Any direct rift between the two religions would have a heavy toll on the election results. It would be better to take up this ploy which would keep the two communities easily separate, keep the Hindus in good humor about some active steps being taken for Ram Mandir; wean a section of moderate Muslims who do not want to oppose Ram Mandir; Nothing to lose even if Swamy carries on his asking for the three Mandir from ‘Duryodhana’.


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The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi. The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi.
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